Chatbots can help convert traffic into leads and help grow your business.

Chatbots Can Help Generate Leads


 At one point websites were new thing, today you will hardly find any business not have a website. Today if someone doesn’t have a website then their business doesn’t exist. Most of the agencies and carriers generate Insurance Leads online leveraging their website and Social media platforms.

Then came age of apps and many businesses adopted them and they had lot of success. With focus on mobile apps were developed which helped users to complete their transaction on their phone.

Today chatbots are new apps and by 2020 it is expected that 75% of businesses will be using them to conduct their operations.

Generating leads is critical for any business. Leads turn to opportunity and opportunity to paying customers.

Below we have mentioned five ways you can generate Insurance Leads online via Chatbot.

1.Chat on website :

Many people may be visiting your website looking for insurance but most of them don’t fill up those forms for quote request. But if you enable chat on your website there is a higher chance that many of them will interact with you. People are spending most of their time on messenger and it is easier for them to use it on mobile.

Lead generation Chatbot can collect customer details and then you can use that information to provide quote or talk to prospective client. Chatbot can also help you save time validating a solid leads.

Best part of having a facebook enabled Chatbot is that once prospect start interacting with Chatbot we know their name, location, profile etc via Facebook. You just need to ask few more details like what kind of insurance they are looking for, their address and any other information for providing a quote and you are good to go. Your website will be an automated lead generating machine which works 24/7.2. 

2. Facebook Ads :

You can drive/get people from your Facebook ad to messenger where Chatbot will interact with people  to generate leads. It’s a great way to reduce cost per lead as you can pin point your audience using facebook ads. With this strategy you are not dependent on user filling a form on your website ,which many people don’t do. When user click on call to action inside facebook ad they are taken to messenger for your business page.

Most insurance agencies have not been successful with facebook ad because mainly they try to drive traffic to a webpage where either they are expecting customer to provide an email address or fill a form. Most of the user will bounce out of their lead capture page. Even if someone provides their email address you encounter another issue. Open rate for emails is less than 5%. So if 100 people clicked on your ad and 10-20 people provided email , effectively only 1 person will respond.

Now let’s look a scenario where you are driving customers from facebook ad to your messenger and you have a Chatbot collecting their information. Now as soon as they click on your ad you will have their first name, last name, profile etc. So if 100 people clicked on your ad, effectively you are converting 100 of them to lead. Response rate on messenger is around 50-70% so you will convert around 50-70 of those leads to prospect. 

3.Call to action button on Website :

I have seen so many insurance agencies publishing amazing articles but they don’t have any call to action at the end . They are getting huge amount of traffic either organically or using ads but are not converting.

Even if you have call to action and you are collecting email addresses this strategy may not be very efficient since open rate for email is less than 5 to 10%.

Now imagine your call to action was sending people to messenger and had open rate in range of 50-70%.In this case you will be leveraging this traffic and converting them to leads. Effectively your business will see compound growth in lead generation using this strategy. Hence having sent to messenger is hands down a better call to action for generating leads. Generate Insurance Leads online via Chatbot as call to action and let us know your experience.

4.Facebook page pop up:

Many times you will see that people visit your facebook page when they are looking for something related to your business. You can configure your facebook page in such a way that when someone visits you facebook page a chat window pops up.

It provides an easy way for your visitors to interact with your business and having Chatbot will make sure that you are converting that interaction to a lead.

5.Reply to comments via Chatbot:

When someone comments on your facebook page, Chatbot can automatically reply to them via messenger. You can thank them for their comment and ask if they need any help. It is also a good technique to collect leads via facebook posts aimed at generating leads. For example if your article is about “ 5 ways to save on home insurance” and when someone comments on it, Chatbot can ask if they are interested in learning how much they can save and start asking questions to help you in providing homeowners quote.